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Closed (fixed) glossaries \glsadd cancels effect of \nobreak View
Closed (fixed) datatool Error or misunderstanding in datatool documentation View
Open flowfram Typo View
Closed (fixed) glossaries Option numberline crashes KOMA-Script classes View
Closed (not a bug) glossaries Incorrect acronym expansion View
Closed (fixed) datatool Package person.sty contains bugs View
Closed (not a bug) glossaries Nested glossary items fail when capitalizing View
Closed (fixed) glossaries Error on glossaries-portuges-utf8.ldf View
Closed (fixed) datatool \DTLifSubString fails inside \DTLforeach View
Closed (fixed) glossaries bug with `\Acrlongpl' and `\Aclp' View
Closed (fixed) makeglossaries (Perl) Incompatible to dialect ngerman View
Closed (not a bug) datatool Spurious line in tabular with View
Closed (fixed) datetime2-english useregional=numeric causes errors View
Closed (fixed) datatooltk fields repeat in the import of probsoln problems with data tool-gui interface on osx View
Closed (not a bug) glossaries \glsresetall unsets more than only first use flag (\cgls) View
Closed (not a bug) glossaries First use \Gls capitalizes all View
Closed (not a bug) glossaries [argument] must be [{argument} View
Closed (fixed) glossaries glossaries problem with running headings View
Closed (not a bug) glossaries Groups not working for sort=def View
Closed (not a bug) glossaries breaking space between long acronym and acronym View

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