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Closed (not a bug) glossaries \Glsentry... don't give the expected result in bookmarks View
Open flowfram Typo View
Closed (not a bug) glossaries Acronym disables glsentryfmt... View
Closed (not a bug) glossaries glossaries and makeidx packages View
Closed (not a bug) glossaries glossaries, multibib and tableofcontents produce "weird error" View
Closed (fixed) glossaries Acronyms defined in document body result in wrong firstplural View
Closed (fixed) glossaries makeglossaries assumes 3 character extension View
Closed (not a bug) glossaries .glsdefs file and babel shorthands View
Closed (fixed) glossaries Glossaries and memoir pagestyle collide View
Closed (fixed) venndiagram \fillOnly* fills outside the right area View
Closed (not a bug) datetime Spurious comma in French long and short dates View
Closed (not a bug) glossaries some problems by using glossaries package View
Closed (fixed) datetime Wrong date format if datenumber is loaded after datetime View
Open venndiagram Shading wrong areas View
Closed (not a bug) glossaries Use of \acrfull before first use of \gls should cause \gls to show abbreviation instead of full entry View
Closed (fixed) glossaries new keys do not expand properly as of this version View
Open mfirstuc Fails with UTF-8 input View
Closed (not a bug) probsoln Default args are ignored View
Closed (fixed) glossaries glsaddallunused does not work with xindy View
Closed (fixed) glossaries Acronym shortplural not used View

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