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Closed (fixed) makeglossaries (Perl) Does not work with subdirectories View
Open jpgfdraw/jdrview/jdrutils problem with transparency View
Closed (fixed) glossaries xindy can't find module for language german View
Closed (fixed) glossaries \nopostdesc 'ignored' if not protected (sanitize=none) View
Closed (fixed) glossaries Additional vertical space above glossary heading View
Closed (Duplicate) glossaries \nopostdesc with sanitize={description=false} View
Closed (fixed) datatool Spurious spaces in \DTLloaddb View
Closed (not a bug) glossaries cross-referencing not as described View
Closed (fixed) datatool typo in source (should be \PackageError instead of \PackageErrors)) View
Closed (fixed) datatool Bug when glossaries laded before datatool View
Closed (fixed) datetime name-clash (\ifleapyear / \@modulo) with macros of packages datetime and datenumber View
Open jpgfdraw/jdrview/jdrutils Java not found - program cannot be started on Windows View
Closed (fixed) datatool DTLgetvalueforkey fails when key=0 View
Closed (fixed) glossaries \pagenumbering causes an error in \printglossaries View
Closed (fixed) glossaries nohypertypes option not recognized View
Closed (Migrated) datatool xkeyval incompatibility View
Closed (fixed) datatool Error if \DTLnewdbentry's third argument is an empty macro View
Open makeglossaries (Perl) makeglossaries error on Windows due to long username or accented character in it View
Closed (fixed) datetime Spurious spaces with some babel languages View
Closed (not a bug) datatool Only the second row works not the first View
Closed (not a bug) glossaries problem with glossaries and pdf bookmark View
Closed (Duplicate) glossaries option nohypertypes not recognized View
Closed (fixed) glossaries Spurious parentheses with smallcaps option View
Closed (fixed) glossaries Input of babel.sty in ltxdoc documentclass (.dtx) files View
Closed (fixed) glossaries \Glsentry... doesn't work in arguments of sectionning commands View
Closed (fixed) makeglossaries (Perl) $istfile double-quote checking needs modification for xdy (xindy) files - Solution Provided View
Closed (fixed) glossaries smallcaps option won't allow aac acronym View
Closed (fixed) fmtcount spurious space (?), ordinals in different languages View
Closed (fixed) glossaries acronym longplural form not used in footnotes View
Closed (fixed) glossaries Last displayed glossary entry's hanging indentation gets lost with index style View
Closed (not a bug) glossaries if hyperref is loaded before glossaries then the subscript size is wrong View
Closed (fixed) glossaries \textup on plural not applied with smallcaps and garmondx font View
Closed (fixed) glossaries \si macro (from siunitx) doesn't work View
Closed (fixed) glossaries smaller View
Open datatool I am not able to compile tex file created for displaying database. The \DTLdisplaydb gives missing number inserted error. View
Open glossaries Bookmarks of symbols and numbers glossaries titles are not translated View
Closed (fixed) mfirstuc \xcapitalisewords doesn't work in document structure headings View
Closed (fixed) glossaries acronyms option isn't equivalent to acronym=true View
Closed (fixed) glossaries a problem with glossaries, xindy and xelatex View
Closed (not a bug) glossaries minimalgls.tex View
Closed (not a bug) glossaries \Glsentry... don't give the expected result in bookmarks View
Open flowfram Typo View
Closed (not a bug) glossaries Acronym disables glsentryfmt... View
Closed (not a bug) glossaries glossaries and makeidx packages View
Closed (not a bug) glossaries glossaries, multibib and tableofcontents produce "weird error" View
Closed (fixed) glossaries Acronyms defined in document body result in wrong firstplural View
Closed (fixed) glossaries makeglossaries assumes 3 character extension View
Closed (not a bug) glossaries .glsdefs file and babel shorthands View
Closed (fixed) glossaries Glossaries and memoir pagestyle collide View
Closed (fixed) venndiagram \fillOnly* fills outside the right area View
Closed (not a bug) datetime Spurious comma in French long and short dates View
Closed (not a bug) glossaries some problems by using glossaries package View
Closed (fixed) datetime Wrong date format if datenumber is loaded after datetime View
Open venndiagram Shading wrong areas View
Closed (not a bug) glossaries Use of \acrfull before first use of \gls should cause \gls to show abbreviation instead of full entry View
Closed (fixed) glossaries new keys do not expand properly as of this version View
Open mfirstuc Fails with UTF-8 input View
Closed (not a bug) probsoln Default args are ignored View
Closed (fixed) glossaries glsaddallunused does not work with xindy View
Closed (fixed) glossaries Acronym shortplural not used View
Closed (fixed) glossaries \glsadd cancels effect of \nobreak View
Closed (fixed) datatool Error or misunderstanding in datatool documentation View
Open flowfram Typo View
Closed (fixed) glossaries Option numberline crashes KOMA-Script classes View
Closed (not a bug) glossaries Incorrect acronym expansion View
Closed (fixed) datatool Package person.sty contains bugs View
Closed (not a bug) glossaries Nested glossary items fail when capitalizing View
Closed (fixed) glossaries Error on glossaries-portuges-utf8.ldf View
Closed (fixed) datatool \DTLifSubString fails inside \DTLforeach View
Closed (fixed) glossaries bug with `\Acrlongpl' and `\Aclp' View
Closed (fixed) makeglossaries (Perl) Incompatible to dialect ngerman View
Closed (not a bug) datatool Spurious line in tabular with View
Closed (fixed) datetime2-english useregional=numeric causes errors View
Closed (fixed) datatooltk fields repeat in the import of probsoln problems with data tool-gui interface on osx View
Closed (not a bug) glossaries \glsresetall unsets more than only first use flag (\cgls) View
Closed (not a bug) glossaries First use \Gls capitalizes all View
Closed (not a bug) glossaries [argument] must be [{argument} View
Closed (fixed) glossaries glossaries problem with running headings View
Closed (not a bug) glossaries Groups not working for sort=def View
Closed (not a bug) glossaries breaking space between long acronym and acronym View
Closed (fixed) makeglossaries-lite (Lua) Line 1 should call texlua not lua View
Closed (fixed) datatool morewrites does not work as expected View
Closed (Can not Implement) glossaries To early usage of \hsize View
Closed (Duplicate) venndiagram fills in wrong areas View
Open datetime2-english \DTMdisplaytime{12}{30}{0} and \DTMdisplaytime{0}{30}{0} both interpreted as AM by 'englishampm' style View
Closed (fixed) datetime2 DTMsaveaszulutime calculates the wrong UTC time View
Closed (not a bug) glossaries dropping/missing entrys View
Closed (not a bug) glossaries Not bold smallcaps even with fonts that support them View
Closed (not a bug) datetime2 datetime2-german: wrong datesep View
Open datatool strange behavior of \dtlcompare View
Open datatool \DTLifstringeq depends on Babel View
Closed (fixed) makeglossaries (Perl) "{" should be escaped View
Closed (Can not Implement) glossaries \printglossary outputs extra empty pages when there is no glossary file yet View
Closed (fixed) glossaries Confusing Warning: Deprecated use of \glossaryentryfield View
Closed (fixed) mfirstuc \capitalisewords fails with commands in non-first word View
Open flowfram sorry we broke flowfram with 2015 latex release View
Open datatool Error is a command used in the assign list is equal to relax View
Closed (fixed) glossaries-extra using `\glsfmtshortpl` only shows the singular short version in text View
Closed (fixed) glossaries nogroupskip + style=long results in error View
Closed (fixed) datetime2 incompatible with luatex85.sty View

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