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ID 23
Status Closed (not a bug)
Category datatool
Version 2.13
Interpreter N/A
Summary Only the second row works not the first


I cant iterate through row 1 of the database, I dont know why, have tried to describe as good as possible the problems. its an MW(N)E including the description of the problem... Best regards Peter



\usepackage{filecontents} % Ein- oder Auskommentieren, siehe Hinweis unten
10 & 100
20 & 130
30 & 150
40 & 170
50 & 190
60 & 210

\cs_set_eq:NN \ifinstr \tl_if_in:nnTF
\long \def\@assignvalues#1#2{
  \seq_set_split:Nnn \l_tmpa_seq { | } {#1}
  \seq_set_split:Nnn \l_tmpb_seq { | } {#2}
  \seq_mapthread_function:NNN \l_tmpa_seq \l_tmpb_seq \assignvalues@ii
\long \def \assignvalues@ii #1#2 { \protected@csedef{#1}{#2} }


First problem. I can only search through the second row, not the first.

This workts...



\bfseries Temperatur & \bfseries Dichte %
\\\temperatur & \dichte 

this does not work...



\bfseries Temperatur & \bfseries Dichte %
\\\temperatur & \dichte 

Goal of my piece of code is the search of the nearest value pairs to the suchwert.

for example if the suchwert is 35 (for temperatur, row one) than I would like to make assignments of


in other words: the nearest point smaller to 35, the nearest point bigger to 35 is to access...

but i rather can't find the point during the problem because of the first row problem as described...



This isn't a bug in datatool. Your database file separates entries using <space>&<space>, but you've set the separator to just & which means a spurious space is being added to the data base values. The default math processor (fp.sty) can't cope with that space in \temperatur, which is what's causing the problem. The simplest solution is to use pgfmath instead of fp as pgfmath can cope with the space.

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