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ID 21
Status Open
Category makeglossaries (Perl)
Version 2.05
Interpreter N/A
Summary makeglossaries error on Windows due to long username or accented character in it


When run on Windows (at least on Windows Seven) by a user with a long username or accented character(s) in it, makeglossaries gives error.

It used to happen for instance with a user named "Cécile" who was running:

  makeglossaries "essaiglossaire"
in directory:
She gets:
makeglossaries version 2.03 (2011-12-02)

added glossary type 'main' (glg,gls,glo)

xindy -L french -C utf8 -I xindy -M "essaiglossaire" -t
"essaiglossaire.glg" -o "essaiglossaire.gls" "essaiglossaire.glo"

*** - LOAD: A file with name C:\Users\CCILE~1\AppData\Local\Temp
\NTlhTzJ0ob does not exist

C:\texlive\2011\bin\win32\runscript.tlu:587: command failed with exit
code 1: 
So the problem came from the Windows conversion:
  C:\Users\Cécile -> C:\Users\CCILE~1
A similar case arose with a user named "Alejandro" (more than 8 characters).

The solution is to create a new user with shorter username and just ASCII characters in it. Then makeglossaries works nicely.

If this trouble, maybe inherent to Windows systems, cannot be dropped, maybe the above workaround should be mentionned in:

Comment from Denis Bitouzé
Date: 2013-02-07 10:39:26 CST

Thanks for having added an entry in the glossaries FAQ. IMHO, it should nevertheless be necessary to add in the FAQ entry the characteristic error messages:

*** - LOAD: A file with name C:\Users\...\AppData\Local\Temp\... does not exist

C:\texlive\...\bin\win32\runscript.tlu:587: command failed with exit code 1:

Otherwise, users who are facing the trouble could ignore the bug report and the workaround because they couldn't imagine it is related to long username or accented character in it.


Thank you for the workaround. I've added an entry in the glossaries FAQ that links back to this. If a Windows user can suggest a solution, that would be great.

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