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ID 1
Status Closed (fixed)
Category makeglossaries (Perl)
Version 1.7
Interpreter N/A
Summary Does not work with subdirectories


I like to use pdflatex with its output-directory parameter, which puts all generated files into the directory supplied to this parameter. When I then call 'makeglossaries output/thesis' where "output" is the directory containing the aux, ist, acr etc. files, makeglossaries fails to add "output/" in front of the -s parameter, it calls makeindex like this:
makeindex  -s "thesis.ist" -t "output/thesis.alg" -o "output/thesis.acr" "output/thesis.acn"
whereas it should do it like this:
makeindex  -s "output/thesis.ist" -t "output/thesis.alg" -o "output/thesis.acr" "output/thesis.acn"
Sadly, neither my Tex nor my Perl skills are sufficient to provide a mergeable fix, but I was able to fix it by deriving the pathname in sub makeindex by adding:
   my $path = dirname($out);
   $ist = "$path/$ist";
(and adding a use File::Basename; clause of course).

This produces a small artifact when no directory is used. In that case dirname adds "./" to the istfile name, but that's just a cosmetic nuisance. :)

Another way to fix this may be to include the path name in the .aux file, but I have no idea how to gather the directory in Tex...

Comment from Alexander Weber
Date: 2013-05-06 14:25:21 CDT

I'm using Version 2.06. If I use the "-d" argument, it still produces the same error.
Everything is fine but the "-s" argument at the makeindex call.

This is my commandline (were ./H is my aux-directory):

makeglossaries -d E:/THESIS/H/ E:/THESIS/H/MyFile

Here the message:
makeglossaries version 2.06 (2013-04-21)

added glossary type 'main' (glg,gls,glo)

makeindex  -s "MyFile.ist" -t "E:/THESIS/H/MyFile.glg" -o "E:/THESIS/H/MyFile.gls" "E:/THESIS/H/MyFile.glo"

***Call to makeindex failed***


makeglossaries v2.05 now has a -d option to specify the path in which to run makeindex/xindy.

(I think this is a more platform-independent solution to the problem.)

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